Pandora’s Box or chewing chests

Sometimes when I find a new plugin, looking for it and admire with the beauty of the plugin idea. A few days ago I was just dumbfounded when I saw a video showing the script MimicChest for plugin VarScript.

Generally VarScript in my opinion, is the best scripting plugin. VariableTriggers, Sript, and the rest (about ReActions I humbly say anything, I believe that it is not a scripting plugin;)) are not fit to hold a candle to VarScript. Unfortunately, everything comes at a price, and it’s not easy to start to write script for VarScript. You need to learn Groovy.

But good news are that developers of plugin, releasing sometime ready-to-use scripts for VarScript. And MimicChest is an excellent example of such a script.

In my opinion, just for the sake of such a wonderful «Pandora’s Box» you need to put yourself to the server VarScript with this script. See what you can get:


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