How I completed several plugin-requests

Sometime (not so often), I’m checking the plugin requests of bukkit and rubukkit forums. It can be a long time to talk about division all request into categories. There are interesting, there are boring… There are unique, and there (and, unfortunately, these much more) requests that already implemented and could be found at
For myself, I always notice another category — «this can be easily done using ReActions».

«Easily» — it means just a few minutes. Of course, more complex ideas can often be implemented using ReActions, but I still consider it just as a plugin for a variety of small tasks.

In general, recently I went on bukkit to read some new requests. And I could not resist — did activators realizing requested plugins. Generally requests, I find more request, which could be closed by ReActions, but I think spamming with link to single plugin in every topic is not a good idea :)

So, here are the two requests and how both of them were «implemented».


Limited button presses with a time limit

This request was implemented with BUTTON activator, flag DELAY (or DELAY_PLAYER if you don’t need to restrict button usage globally) and the action CANCEL_EVENT (to cancel interaction with the button).


Armour Potion Effects

This request was implemented with ITEM_WEAR activator linked to required item with only one action — POTION (duration 3 seconds).


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