New version of ReActions (0.9.5)

Today new version of plugin reactions relased. I think it’s a most егодня, я выпустил новую версию плагина ReActions. Perhaps this is one of the longest and most complicated version. There are many internal changes and those that will bring new abilities for users of plugin.

I think, the most significant change, — is a new format of items. This format is more easy to describe items, it’s allows to store items into variable (and re-create store items later). And hope in future there will a lot of new features related to inventory and items.


Item format changed. Old format is partially supported, but you need to update all item definition to new format.
•New activator MOB_KILL
•WorldGuard 5.x library is now built-in. No you don’t need to use external library for WG 5.x. Please remove ReActions/lib/ folder.
•New action ITEM_UNWEAR
•All variables flags and actions supports parameter «player». You can access to personal variables of any player.
•All delay flags and actions supports parameter «player». You can check and setup delay of any player.
•Flags DELAY and DELAY_PLAYER now can update delay variables (so you can skip DELAY  (DELAY_PLAYER) actions)
COMMAND activator now supports regular expressions. New placeholders added.
•Commands registered using COMMAND activator now visible for «tab» key.
SIGN activators now supports colored text on signs.
•You can create SIGN activator easily: point cursor on sign and type /react add SIGN <AtivatorId> command.
DAMAGE and HEAL actions now supports parameter «player». You can damage or heal any player.
SOUND action now supports location («loc» parameter).
MOB_CLICK activator now uses new format to define mob. Old format is supported too.
•Features bounded to plugin Factions now compatible with new Factions versions.
•Empty flags, actions and reactions sections remove from activators files (you can turn back old mode in config.yml)
•Added large amount of temporary placeholders (provided by activators, actions, flags).

My work on ReActions instructions is complete. It will be naturally complemented, but I hope already in parallel with the development of the plugin.
Also I create a page for plugin at spigot site (will be grateful for every received 5-star;)):
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